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Thank you for your interest in You Are Success Life Coaching. This brief post will outline how we can get together to determine if we are the right fit for each other as well as outline the program we would follow as well as the pricing structure.

Please note that you cannot sign up for my services until we have had a conversation together. This will ensure that we are actually the best possible combination to help you to become more successful in your life, business, relationships and other areas. I may not be able to help you in some areas where you feel you are stuck. I want to tell you this right away to avoid disappointment later on.

Getting together

If you are interested in becoming a You Are Success Life Coaching client, then you need to contact me using the contact form below.

When you fill out the form, please include an email address as well as your preferred method of contact. You can use Skype, Google Hangout or a telephone. It is important that we actually speak to each other, so a voice connection is required. A video connection would be better but not necessary at this time.

Next, please include when it would be convenient to contact you. You should include at least three (3) times since I may not always be available to talk with you due to other commitments. You should set aside at least one hour for our initial conversation.

I will contact you via email to let you know the time and method we can use to get together.

After our initial conversation if you decide to engage me as your life coach, I will send you the link to complete the agreement. This will involve completing some client information that will be held in strict confidentiality and would never be shared or sold. You will also receive the link to pay for the initial period that we would work together.

How we would work together

During the initial phase of our relationship, we will talk on a weekly basis using one of the methods listed above. We will discuss the areas where you feel you are stuck and explore various methods that can lead you to discover ways to remove the blockage and move your life forward.

The initial block of time for each new client is six (6) hours spread over six (6) weeks. The initial block can be spread over a longer period of time if requested, but cannot go over twelve (12) weeks. These sessions would be one (1) hour long and would be arranged for our mutual convenience. It is preferred if a video connection is used but a simple voice connection is acceptable. Before each session you would be sent some information by email to help you to prepare for the session.

After each session, you will receive a follow-up email reviewing what we discussed. During the week, I will send you an email to help you to stay focused on moving forward and removing the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

Payment method, refunds and fee structure

All payments will be made through the Paypal system using your existing Paypal account or via credit card using the Paypal system. All fees must be paid in advance of the session start date.

If after the start date you feel that the sessions are not right for you, you may request a refund. You will be refunded for the sessions that you have not had only. This refund request must be made in writing through an email and must reach me prior to our scheduled session date.

The fee for the initial block of sessions (six hours) is nine hundred dollars ($900.00) payable in United States Dollars (USD). Any taxes and fess are included in the fee.

After the initial session block has been completed and you wish to continue to consult with me as your life coach, you may purchase additional hours at one hundred and twenty-five ($125.00) United States Dollars (USD) per hour; or a package of three (3) hours at three hundred dollars ($300.00 USD).

Thank you for your interest in working with me. I look forward to talking with you and helping you to move forward in opening the doors to your future successful life.

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